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Photo Challenge

I love capturing moments that can be shared with others.  A story unfolds in a photograph, real or imagined.    

Tip of Pen Painting.jpg

As the tip of my pen touches the page

I wonder what the value truly will be?

You be you!


If you are a dreamer,

a wisher,

A hope-er,

a pray-er,

a magic bean buyer...

Come and share those things that do inspire.

  (adapted from Shel Silverstein's poem"Invitation")

Who Am I?

I'm an observer of life.  Over time, I have come to understand that each moment that touches us, big or small, is significant. Recognizing and recording those moments comes out of me in different ways.  Sometimes it's a piece of writing, sometimes a painting, sometimes a handmade paper journal, sometimes a photograph, sometimes some doodles on a page. Right now, I am just letting it happen as it needs to.  Come join me as we create together!