Photograph taken at Perry Lake. "I close my eyes, only for the moment and the moment's gone."

Snowflakes in the Wind


Long held particles suspended and carried gently into the wintry day.

Symmetrical and extended, lifted and crystalized

until the formation sparkles and spins in a special snowflake way.

Drifting slowly, with clusters of fragments until together they touch

the tip of a nose, a yarn woven cap, and woolen gloves

where warmed fingers are ready for a rapid released clutch.


Brilliantly glistening crystals transparent through sunlit beams

blanketing the untouched foundation of life,

sheltering swimmers who search for all that gleams.


Eyes meet through the expanded water frozen sheet of blue

Alert and watchful, wondering, if this is their day

where snowfish angels will in unison make their mealtime dreams come true.