Laundry Basket Weavings

Updated: Feb 25

The Basket Sun and water drenched reeds take time to become functional for a carrying basket

A circular pattern centers the basket in a way that brings clarity and organization to the woven pieces

Color and design enhance the meaning and purpose in such a way that time is preserved and a story is told

The Man or Woman Victorious and defeat drenched moments take time to become usable for a wisdom filled man or woman

A circular pattern centers the heart in a way that brings clarity and organization to the journey through life

Love and hate enhance the meaning and purpose in such a way that time is preserved and a story is told

The Bible Heart captured word moments take time to become guidance and laws for many

A circular pattern centers the Word in a way that brings clarity and organization to a chaotic life

Life and death enhances the sacrifice in such a way that time is preserved in eternity

The Basket, The Man or Woman, and The Bible Carried moments are protected through time to become a cherished story to be shared with others

The circular patterns bring all things together in a way that is hard to distinguish beginning and end

Weaving the three together in such a way to become enough to hold on to all that can and will be.

I wrote and posted "Laundry Basket Weavings" a few years back. It showed up today in my Facebook memory feed.

I was sitting in the public library in one of the “quiet” areas. I had my computer out, papers that had been in my bookbag were scattered across the table. I remember feeling restless, not really sure what I was doing there that day.

A man came in carrying a wicker laundry type basket. He sat the basket on a table diagonally from me. I watched as he took out his Bible and a pad of paper with numerous pages already written upon. He proceeded to dig around in the basket, eventually pulling out a pen to write with. He pulled out some highlighters with the pen. He began to read, highlight and write.

His basket, intrigued me. I looked at the size and structure of it. I had learned how to weave baskets at earlier time in my life. It’s actually not as easy as it looks. I explored the process deep enough to order reed from a company in Michigan.

Because I had my computer open, I did a quick google search on baskets. I was looking for the historical significance of baskets. I did find some history with many references to scripture.

Interestingly enough, I ran across the company that I bought reed from some 20 years earlier. I recognized many things on their page. They were still selling the same products, I had purchased. I was amazed that I came across that website in my random search. I emailed the company after reading the story of their family business nearly being destroyed by a fire. They had endured through the process of rebuilding.

The owner ( a woman ) of the company responded to my email, while I was still at the library. We passed several emails back and forth. She invited me to come and visit their shop. I told her that I would someday.

I sat there that day and wrote the poem you see here. I remember it coming so easily. I understood why I was there, as the conversation with the basket company owner was completed.

I sent my poem to the woman at the basket supply shop. Her response brings a lump in my throat even now. She said (paraphrased)...."We have been at a point of thinking we needed to give this up. One sometimes wonders if they did the right things over the years. Today, you have removed all that doubt." She thanked me and again encouraged me to come and see them, they would be there.


First written in January 2015, revised January 2021


***The photo... I took this on an outing to Watkins Woolen Mill in Missouri. There's a story to that day, as well. So many things in our lives are can one ever doubt that?

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