Clothesline Love Affair

Updated: Feb 25

A story told through intertwined threads,

dirt laden and stained;

agitated, soap cleansed, water drenched

challenges washed down the drain.

Wrung out with patience,

while water flow seals;

glimpses of hard work, an ache-filled heart,

woven cycle reveals.

With inner embraced significance,

a wicker basket filled;

slow down the day, shake out the troubles,

a new hope revealed.

Cotton rope,

whittled wooden pins

fabrics securely held while warm sunshine

blows caution to the winds.

Stages of life,

hung out for others to see;

fabric choices and emotions,

softened and caressed

invites a new day plea.

Pin held scent,

folded and creased upon lines exact;

points of decision,

precision intact.

A new day begins,

to unfold to destination unknown;

dirt laden and stained, cotton rope pinning's

always find their way home.

Reynosa, Mexico. I went to the rooftop of the children's orphanage to take photographs of the courtyard and found this little girl playing amongst the laundry hanging there. She helped with taking the following photos.

I have often wondered about the children we met there. The third year I went, we encountered the drug cartel in tanks and with guns while in the barrios. They laughed through masks, as they made us get out of the van and question the pastor. Fear was their purpose. That was my last year to go.

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