A Snail Embrace

Drifting amongst water textured pebbles,

I found the makings of your home.

Untold stories left behind in the ocean carvings

Neighbors found lingering unguarded land, free to roam. 

Where have you gone,

where can you be?

Calcium remnants scattered about

carried by each current back out to sea.

My mind drifts to your journey,

where slow movement upon the ocean floor

brings you to others, 

and new crooks and crannies to explore.

You know we're a lot alike,

you and me,

the tide calls to us

near the wide open sea. 

The waves may toss and tumble

and carry us about,

but a faith held journey

leaves no uncertainty or doubt.

A soft landing upon a seashore where

sand and watery pebbles are at our feet,

the sunrise and sunset brings us rest

until at last, once again, at your home,  we might meet. 


February 28, 2021